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9th Anniversary Sale – Celebrating 9 Years in Business

9th Anniversary Sale

My partner, my mom, and I are celebrating our 9th Anniversary sale this month. Our business started by joining together to start this business making baby blankets burp cloths in 2009. We started with rag quilt and burp cloths and some crocheted blankets and make burp cloths, loveys, and baby to adult minky blankets.

We enjoyed together crafting together since I was a child. Starting around age 8, we would go to craft fairs. I always wanted to be one of the crafters selling their items. For college, I earned degree in fine arts in graphic design and a degree in French, which has nothing to do with the other. I did graphic design for several years but after a disappointing job at a local paper I went back to school to get a degree in elementary education. I taught for several years and crafted on the side. In 2011, I went full time in the blanket making business.

My mom, has been sewing since she was young. She comes from a large family and made her own dresses. When, I was young she would make dresses for my baby dolls.  We each have over 20 years of sewing and crafting experience. As our business grew, she retired from 40 years of nursing and we make blankets full time.

How it Works

We divide the work. I do all of the photography, marketing, online customer service, and most of the ordering of supplies. I make the larger blankets. She does all of the embroidery and applique, and the burp cloths and the smaller blankets. We live in 2 near by towns and mail our items separately.

Some of the pluses of owning my own business is I am able to work from home and take care of my little girl. I have help. My husband watches her in the mornings and my mom, a couple afternoons a week. Lots of work is done between 9 P.M. and 2 A.M.

Steps to Make a Blanket

To give you an idea of what goes into making one blanket, I will tell you the steps. First, I pick out and order the fabric. When a blanket is ordered we write it down and put it in our work flow. Then, the correct fabric will be cut to the right size and embroidered using an embroidery machine. Next, the front fabric will be cut to the correct size. The two pieces of fabric will be aligned and pinned together. Then the sides will be sewn together. Next the blanket will be trimmed and turned inside out and sewn shut. Finally, the blanket is top stitched for long life.

Receive 15% off for the 9th Anniversary sale now thru 4/30/18 at my Etsy shop.

super soft personalized blankets mini to adult
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