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Easter Wreath – Easy Spring Wreath Tutorial

Make your own easy Easter wreath. Add some fun spring color to your door.



floral wreath- (I got mine on sale from

small pastel foam easter eggs – yellow, pink, & blue(I got my at the dollartree)

hot glue sticks

wood rabbit (I got mine from Walmart)

ribbon ( I got mine at dollartree)


hot glue gun


diy wreath supplies

Eggs & ribbons diy wreath supplies

Step 1.

Find the bottom center of the wreath and put glue where you want the rabbit to sit. Put hot glue on the rabbit too. Push into place and hold until secure. If it moves at more glue.

detail of Easter Wreath

closeup of Easter wreath

Step 2.

Add the 3 different colors of eggs with hot glue. Make sure to spread out the eggs and vary the colors.

Step 3.

Cut a some ribbon. The length depends on how far you want it to hang down. Cut the ribbon ends at an angle. Feed the ribbon between the flowers and the wreath and wrap it around and tie a large bow at the top

Easter Wreath DIY

Easter wreath with bow

I forgot to take some pictures of the in between sets but I think you can see how I placed the eggs and rabbit.


Make your own wreath today!

Easter Wreath

Make your own Easter Wreath

make a spring wreath

Create a spring wreath