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How I increase my Etsy Sales – Photo Tips

Looking to increase your handmade sales? One of the first things you can improve on is your photos. Try these basic photo tips for your best photos.

I am definitely not a professional photographer and my photos have room for improvement. After saying that, I have a lot of sales, over 15,000 since 2009, Sewing Dreams & Notions, you need clear, bright, and clean pictures.

  1. Basic photos
    • Clear photos
    • Light bright photos
    • Backdrops
    • Clear photos are basic. Make sure your product is in focus. Try to use natural light.

      I look at my listings in the search when doing research and often see pictures that are dark. They are not appealing or attention giving. There are online free photo editing tools like pic or or others.

    • I use photoshop elements. I have version 10. You don’t need the newest. You can get it an older version on Ebay. If you recently bought a camera, you might have gotten a free copy like I did.

      Use a plain light background. I use white foam core board. If you want to use a pattern, make sure it does not distract from the product.
    • Placement
      • Try different angles
      • Place the product off center
  2. Update old photos
      • Retake any old pictures that are not up to your current photo skills (I need to do more of this)
      • If the item has not sold and there is room for improve, try a different shot.

Here are some more photo tips: Etsy

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