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Perfect Baby Blanket – Nursery Bedding

Looking for the perfect baby blanket? Minky Blankets are the best choice.

  1. Texture

Minky is a plush microfiber. Since it is so fuzzy, you’ll want to run your fingers over the fabric and rub it against your face. Minky is so super soft because of its long threads or pile. The longer the pile the softer the fabric.

Super soft texture - perfect baby blanket
Super soft texture – silver lattice minky blanket

The top manufacturer of minky is Shannon Fabrics. They are the industry standard. The brand name is Cuddle. The fabric sold in big box stores doesn’t compare. There is a weird texture and it loses its embossed texture after being washed.

  1. Durable

Cuddle is long lasting. It takes a long time to wear out. Minky is more durable than cotton. If you get a hole, it does not unravel. The color lasts longer than cotton also. The fabric is easy to wash. Wash cold, dry low. Do not use fabric softener. I have several blanket myself both for me and my little girl. The color and softness of the fabric last even after lots of washes

  1. Patterns

There are many patterns available in lots of different colors. Pattern that are available: chevron, dots, arrows, geometric, animal prints, faux hide, floral, and other fun prints. There are over 90 colors of minky dots to create a beautiful custom blanket. The coral, navy, silver, and white modern floral pattern below is one of my favorites.

Soft Baby Blanket
Coral Navy Silver Baby Blanket

The Perfect Baby Blanket

Create your own custom perfect baby blanket today!

I have lots of patterns and colors available at my Etsy shop. I just passed 17,000 sales 8/1/17. My Mom and I are partners in our handcrafted baby blanket business. I have tons colors and patterns available and do custom orders. No babies, I make blankets for fur babies too. I have blanket sizes available from mini to adult/twin size.

Like to sew? Create your own:

New to sewing minky? Here is some tips.

best baby blanket -
best baby blanket
best baby blankets -
super soft baby blankets you have to have