Simple Shell Blanket Pattern

Heather Hamlin

What to learn how to make this easy simple shell baby blanket?

Let’s get started!

There is nothing hard  about this blanket just single and double crochet

Supplies Needed – Scissors – tapestry needle – N, 9 mm crochet hook – 2– 10.5 cakes of Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Dappled– Ever After Pink or any super bulky gauge 6 yarn (220 yd)

1. Chain 62  -Start a chain in multiples of 6. Then chain 2 and turn.


1. Row 1: In the 2nd chain from your hook, sc. *Skip two chains, work 5 dc into the next chain space. Skip two chains again, one sc. into the next chain. Repeat the instructions from the * to the end. Your last stitch will be a sc. into the final chain. Chain 3 and turn.


1. Row 2: In the top of the sc. you made from the row below, work 2 dc. (You just created a half shell) now look for the middle dc of the shell (the 3rd dc) and sc. Skip over the next 2 dc, find the sc. of the row below and work 5 dc. Continue across working a sc. into the third dc, and a “shell” into the sc. Your last stitch will be a half shell (3 dc). Chain 1 and turn.


Row 3: 1 sc into the very next stitch, the last dc you made on the row below. Skip over the 2 dc and work 5 dc into the sc. End this row with a sc into the last stitch, chain 3 and turn.


1. Repeat Row 2-3 until you have 35 rows. 2. Knot, cut end and weave ends with a tapestry needle.