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Favorite Toddler Toys – Great Gifts

Looking for some ideas for toddler toys? My little girl will turn 3 at the end of the month. These are some of our favorite toddler toys. Which ones will you get? There are lots of fun ideas found on one of favorite places to shop

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Toddler Toys


Duplo Block

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My daughter got these for Christmas when she was 2. She loves to play with duplos and does most days. They are great for fine motor skills, colors and engineering. You will want to add to your set for more building. She loves the dog, man and the car that come with it.

5 out of 5 stars –My son who just turned 2 loves these. He has always liked legos but isn’t old enough to put them together on his own, so I thought he might be ready for the Duplos. I was worried he wasn’t old enough for them yet and thought of getting mega blocks instead. I am glad I didn’t, because it didn’t take him long to learn how to put the pieces together and he LOVES these. He plays with them more than he has ever played with anything, and they are so good for him.
The storage box is nice, but smaller than I pictured. Even so the blocks only fill it up half way. However, we also got the 70 piece Creative Building Box set, and the little Farm Animals set. Together they all fill the plastic bin clear to the top (but still able to close) and are the perfect amount to really get into some serious building fun. 🙂 Click to order.


Cleaning Set

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My daughter got this toy as a present around 18 months. She loves it and still uses it almost daily over a year later. Well built and has a hanging peg for each item. Great for when they want to help clean.


5 out of 5 stars – My 15 month old loves this set!! My husband and I decided to buy this for him as a Xmas gift, because he loves to pretend clean with the regular broom/mop. He will follow anyone who is sweeping/mopping/dust mopping around and tends to knock things over with the regular sized cleaning supplies. So, we thought that cleaning supplies would be a good option. We did not, however, expect him to completely ignore every other present that he received for Xmas and focus on “mopping” up all around the toys that he and his cousins had received as Xmas gifts. Even now, a few days after the holiday, he ecstatically says, “Ooh” whenever he sees his cleaning set and begins to mop and sweep. Definitely recommend this product for anyone with small children. It’s not only fun, but they’re learning through play that cleaning does not have to be terrible. Click to order.


Cooking Stove

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

We have had this about a year. My daughter was 2 when we got it. She enjoys playing with it often. I would suggest getting some food and plates to go with the set.

5 out of 5 stars –I bought this for my children for Christmas. It is very well made and the children have spent hours playing with it. All the items shown are either made of wood or a sturdy plastic. Great toy for both of my kids (girl age 5 and boy age 3). Keep in mind that the way it is packaged makes it difficult to wrap because of the odd shape so if you are giving it as a gift consider keeping the outer shipping box. Click to order.


Pets Chunky Puzzle

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

I got this for my 2 yr old who loves puzzles. It was not too easy and has large pieces. She still plays with it a year later.

5 out of 5 stars – Bought this as a birthday present for each of my two granddaughters. The puzzle is very colorful, and I love that each character is more than one puzzle piece and are “chunky” size for little hands to play with. Very pleased with this purchase, as are their mothers! Click to order. There are 2 other sets too, safari and farm.


Vtech Desk

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My daughter received this for her birthday when she turned 2. At first, she used it more for the art area. She is almost 3 and plays with the activity cards now. It does keep talking, for a while if they don’t turn it off, which is annoying but there is an on/off button.

5 out of 5 stars –My son received this as a birthday gift. He had the original Touch and Learn Activity Desk which was one of his favorite toys; however, the new expansion packs only fit this new desk. This desk is even better than the older one! The desk appears to be good quality and durable. It is the perfect size for little ones. Aside from the activity mats, there is a music player, telephone, and display that shows how to write letters, numbers and draw shapes. The desk is very interactive and holds my toddler’s attention for very long periods of time. I love that this one has expansion packs because that expands the learning potential. This toy is definitely a great educational toy. It makes learning fun! Highly recommend this! Click to order.


Play Tent & Tunnel

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My daughter got this tent for a gift. She uses it all the time. It folds and stores easily. It is lightweight. She has great tea parties with her stuffed animals in it.

5 out of 5 stars –15 month old loves it. The tunnel and triangle tent full of play pin balls is in one room and the square tent is in another room full of dolls. Click to order.


Fishing Game

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My daughter loves this game. It is a little too hard for her to catch many fish with it on, but she is quite 3 yet. We plan to have lots of fun on family game night with this game.

5 out of 5 stars –My 3 year old absolutely loves this game! Batteries are included. You turn it on with a small switch and the little fish open and close their mouths and the entire “pond” (the blue part) slowly spins. The child has to use his fishing pole to catch a fish by lowering the line into the mouth while its open, wait for it to close, then pull him out. It comes with 4 poles. Whoever catches all the fish of a certain color first wins. Great game for hand eye coordination! Click to order.


Vtech Tower

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

We love playing with the toy. My husband has a good time playing with my daughter with it and sending the cars down the ramp. They have tried all kinds of different cars. Cars that are a little smaller than the vetch go the fastest and the farthest.

5 out of 5 stars –5 stars for the best toy ever. My son hasn’t stop playing with it since he got it. He plays with all of his cars. Hot wheels, Thomas and friends, every toy slides down this amazing track. Thank you V tech. Click to order. There are lots of other cars like the emergency vehicles.


4-1 Wood Puzzle

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts


Puzzles are a favorite of my daughter. These puzzles are great because there are 4 in on box and can be easily stored together.

5 out of 5 stars –The best part is that these are made out of sturdy wood and they don’t peel or at least they haven’t yet. I’ve had them for a month now and they have been used often. The pictures are bright and vivid. My daughter loves to talk about the characters and tell me what noises they make. They come in a nice little box where you can keep them separate. But even if they mixed together there could you can conveniently see which piece corresponds to which puzzles by the symbol marked on the back of each piece. The top of the box has enough space to do the puzzle right there or you can use a table. I’ve already bought another one and plan to buy a few more. Click to order. There are wild animal, construction, dinos, and more.


Minnie Bow-Tique Duplo

toddler toys- gift ideas- #toys #toddler #gifts

My little girl loves Minnie. This is a cute set. She loves the little figures. There is a bed and blanket that she likes playing with, putting Minnie, Daisy, and the bird to bed.

5 out of 5 stars – Cute Disney-themed addition to the Duplo collection, especially for kids who love the Minnie Bow-Tique shows. Has a rotating bow on top, but the rotating piece can, of course, be used for other building projects. Good value when on sale, as Duplos last from generation to generation! Click to order. Need a gift for a boy? Try Mickey’s Beach House.


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