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Lots of different crafts for kids of all ages, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and more.

As parents and teacher's we are always looking for new things to keep our children entertained and engaged.

There are lots of different DIY crafts and activities for you to try for all ages.

You can make the crafts easier for toddlers and more complicated or more open ended for older children or adults.

There are crafts for all seasons, spring crafts, fall crafts, winter crafts, and summer crafts.

Holiday crafts are available for all kinds, Christmas crafts, Easter crafts, Valentine’s Day crafts, Earth Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween. Different themed crafts like farm and ocean are available too.

There are different kinds of crafts, like painting, paper, and more. There are free printable crafts too.

Craft for Kids Categories
Spring Crafts
There are spring flowers, spring trees, animals, and more crafts for your kids to try. There are bunny and tulip crafts to try.
Spring Tree Crafts
There are different spring tree and cherry blossom crafts to try.
Spring Flower Crafts
St Patrick’s Day Crafts
You can find fun shamrock and other crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Easter Crafts
21 Bunny Crafts
100 Summer Fun Crafts
4th of July Crafts
You can find stars and other red, white, and blue crafts to celebrate the 4th of July, Veteran's Day, and Memorial Day.
Ocean Crafts Kids
99 Fall Crafts for Kids
Lots of Autumn crafts are available. There apple, leaves, trees, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, and more.
Fall Tree Crafts
Fall Leaf Crafts
Apple Crafts
Pumpkin Crafts