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17 Best Crochet Fruit and Vegetables: Free Patterns

Make some of these fun crochet fruit and vegetables free patterns. There are some great choices of cute patterns to make.

These fun crocheting patterns of fruit and vegetables would be great for kids imaginary play. You could create a whole set.

They also would be just fun to make. Something different than you typically blanket.

crochet fruit and vegetables patterns free

Skills need to make your fruit and vegetables amigurumi are magic circle, increase, decrease, working in the round, and sewing pieces together.

Crochet Fruit and Vegetables Free Amigurumi Tips

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Best Crochet Fruit and Vegetables: Free Patterns

1. Crochet Fruit and Vegetable Basket Toy Pattern

basket crochet fruit and vegetables pattern free amigurumi

This free crochet pattern has several fruits and vegetables. There is a basket pattern too, for all of the pieces.

The pattern includes, kiwis, strawberries, mushrooms, bananas, clementines, apples, pear, and carrots.

2. Crocheted Avocado Buddy

crochet avocado pattern free amigurumi

Make your own cute fruit with this free avocado crochet pattern. You make it with 3 flat pieces. This easy pattern can made with just a few supplies and a little time.

This crochet designer also has some cute fruit coaster patterns.

3. Citrus Buddies

citrus buddies free fruit crochet pattern.

Have fun making your own citrus buddies. There is an orange, lemon, and lime.

These cute buddies are made of easy circles and some white line details and safety eyes.

4. Crochet Kiwi Pattern

crochet kiwi pattern

Make you your own cut kiwi with this free crochet fruit pattern. This would be a great play food project.

5. Lemon Amigurumi Pattern

crocheted lemon pattern amigurumi free

Make your own fun lemon. There are other free fruit and vegetable patterns on this blog, like a daikon, grapefruit and more.

6. 15 Free Vegetable Crochet Patterns

set of 15 free vegetable crochet patterns

Try this large set of free vegetable crochet patterns. In the set there is a potato, tomato, carrot, beet, pea pod, radish, eggplant, cabbage, winter melon, pepper, mushroom, corn, cauliflower, and more.

There are two parts for the free vegetable pattern set. Some have video tutorials.

7. Free Broccoli Vegetable Crochet Pattern

crochet broccoli pattern free vegetable amigurumi

Make your own crocheted broccoli with this free crochet pattern. The site does require you to sign up for the pattern.

8. Vegetable Gardening Set of 3

set of 3 free vegetable crochet patterns: radish, onion, and beet.

There are 3 cute patterns: onion, beet, and radish. A dirt patch pattern is available too for playing garden.

There is an eggplant pattern, avocado food friend, cauliflower, and peas in a pod, too for you to try.

9. Vegetable Applique Crochet Patterns

3 vegetable applique crochet patterns, radish, carrot, and peas.

Have fun making these flat versions of carrots, peas, and radishes. This crochet designer has many different applique crochet patterns that you can add to your crochet projects.

Other fruit or vegetable patterns to be found on the blog are: apple coaster with worm, strawberry hearts, watermelon garland and more.

10. Happy Tomato Amigurumi Pattern

free happy tomato crochet pattern

Making your own fun smiling tomato with this free crochet vegetable pattern.

There are some other free vegetable crochet patterns too, like a radish

More Free Crochet Fruit and Vegetables Patterns

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crochet fruit and vegetables patterns free

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