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31 Free Crochet Patterns for Rugs: Easy Home Decor Ideas

Rugs are a great way to add your personality to your home. With these free crochet patterns for rugs you can easily make your own in your favorite colors.

These patterns are completely free, making it accessible for anyone who enjoys crocheting. With step-by-step instructions, even beginners can create stylish and cozy rugs to enhance their home decor.

Whether you want to add a splash of color to your living room or a touch of warmth to your bedroom, this resource provides a variety of options to choose from. Get ready to crochet your way to a more inviting and charming living space with these easy-to-follow patterns!

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Make a rug with this free crochet pattern.

Free Crochet Patterns for Rugs

Rugs are a great way to warm up a room. With crochet you can make a rug to just the size you need.

There are different kinds of rugs, circles, rectangles, and animal shaped. Try some out and find your perfect crochet pattern for rugs.

Which crochet stitch is best for a rug?

There are lots of different crochet stitches that you could use but a simple single crochet stitch would be the best. It is easy and wouldn’t have any holes.

You can use lots of different stitches like double crochet or herringbone stitch. To give your rugs texture you could use the puff stitch or the even berry stitch, like I did in my free striped rug pattern.

Learn how to make an easy crochet rug. This crochet pattern makes a quick striped rug.

What kind of yarn do you use to crochet a rug?

You can use cotton, acrylic, t-shirt yarn, or wool for a crochet rug. Cotton or t-shirt yarn would last the longest.

Cotton, t-shirt, and acrylic would be easier to wash, though you will want to check the yarn label about washing instructions.

Wool can be a good choice but you might need to handwash and will not be able to put it in a washing machine or dryer.

Acrylic or cotton would probably be the less expensive option and there is lots of colors available. I choose acrylic yarn for my rug pattern.

How do I keep my crochet rug from sliding?

To keep your crochet rug from sliding you will want to attach anti slip rug grips to the back. Another option is rug pad gripper, which is a whole piece you put under the rug.

There are different kinds of rug grips: strips or corner pieces. You just stick the tape or corner on the corners of the crochet rug.

31 Free Crochet Patterns for Rugs: Easy Home Decor Ideas

1. Free Striped Rectangular Rug Pattern

Learn how to make an easy crochet rug. This crochet pattern makes a quick striped rug.

This easy crochet rug pattern would be great for beginners. It has simple repeat using basic stitches plus the even berry stitch.

This easy rectangular rug is made using gauge 5 bulky yarn from Premier Yarns. You will want to add anti slip rug grips to the back of your rug so it will stay in place.

2. Bath Rug with Rope Pattern Free

Make a bath rug using rope with this free crochet pattern.

Turn some clothesline into a crochet rug with this pattern. This easy pattern uses a large hook and basic stitch for this bath mat.

3. Lily Sugar’n Cream Gingham Rug

Use this easy pattern to make a checkered rug in your favorite colors with this free rug pattern.

This gingham rug is made using Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton Yarn. Make your own rug match your decor.

4. Plush Ribbed Bath Mat

Try this ribbed plush bath mat crochet pattern.

Make your own plush bathmat with this free pattern. This easy crochet rug pattern uses Bernat Blanket Yarn to make a soft rug.

This pattern has different striped variations for you to try. The pattern uses double crochet and front post double crochet stitches.

5. Bernat Welcome Home Crochet Rug

Oval crocheted rug

This oval rug is made using Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn and a 6 mm crochet hook.

This crochet rug pattern is done in the round using double crochet stitches.

6. Scrap Yarn Rope Bath Mat

cotton and rope crochet rug.

This round crochet rug is made using clothesline rope and cotton yarn, though acrylic yarn would work too.

You will work in the round and using single crochet stitches around the clothesline.

7. Free Tranquility Mandala Crochet Pattern for Rug

Make a mandala crochet rug with this free pattern.

Make your own pretty mandala rug using this repeating pattern. This rug was made using Lion Brand Mandala Yarn.

This circle crocheted rug would look great it lots of different color combinations or just a modern solid color letting the design stand out.

8. Textured Bathroom Rug

Try this textured crochet pattern for a rug and make your own in your favorite colors.

This pretty textured rug using single, double, and bobble crochet stitches to give it the textured it has.

This crochet project using a acrylic wool blend yarn in a worsted weight. All off the colors are in one skein.

9. Diamond Lattice Tapestry Crochet Rug Pattern

geometric tapestry crochet rug

This tapestry crochet rug pattern is made using Hobbi Ribbon yarn that is all cotton.

This yarn is great for home decor projects. This yarn was turned int a modern geometric rug.

10. Herringbone Bath Mat

Make this herringbone bath mat with this free crochet rug pattern.

Make your own bath mat using this free pattern. This pattern uses the half double herringbone stitch.

For this free rug pattern you will need Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn. This yarn should last a long time as a rug.

More Crochet Patterns to Decorate Your Home

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Make a rug with this free crochet pattern.