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11 Crochet a Frog Patterns to Create – Cute Amigurumi Ideas

Looking for a cute little frog pattern? Try one of these fun crochet a frog patterns.

There are cute little frog crochet patterns, as well as, realistic ones. There are crochet frog patterns for different levels too.

Don’t confuse crochet frogs with frogging in crochet. What does frog mean in crochet? It means to rip out your work.

Make some cute frog crochet patterns.

There are lots of different amigurumi crocheted stuffed frog animal patterns to choose from.

Read the reviews and get ready to start your next crochet frogs project, a cute animal toy crochet frog pattern.

I have found that you need to keep a tight tension for your stuffed crochet plushie animals to turn out well.

Also to get the same size as the pattern designer you need to do a test gauge swatch.

You will want to get plastic eyes for your stuffed crochet animal amigurumi. Amazon is a good place to find them. I got these eyes.

Need some tips on amigurumi? Check out these links.

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Cute Crochet a Frog Patterns

1. Fluffy the Crochet Frog Pattern

Make cute amigurumi frog crochet patterns.

This was my first crochet project. The pattern was really easy to follow and I made the cutest little froggie. Thank you so much!

Such a great pattern! Prior to starting, I referred to a crochet book for beginners that I got from Joann’s so that I knew how to do all the stitches.

My first frog turned out ok but a little lumpy, but my second try looks great! I only ended up making a few edits to the pattern based on the yarn I was using.

Lovely pattern, so easy to follow and turned out lovely, I was experimenting with a new type of wool for my self and used the wrong size hook so you can see some stuffing but this was my fault and I’m very excited to make an army of little froggies!

Make your own cute crochet frogs with this adorable plushies pattern.

2. Realistic Frog Crochet Pattern

Make cute amigurumi frog crochet patterns.

I threw myself into the deep end as a self taught crocheter and made this pattern my first major project!

while listed as intermediate, the technique videos included, and stitch instructions in the

Massive glossary made this accessible for me as a beginner once I’d learned how to do a magic ring this frog is going to make a wonderful Christmas present.

The legs were REALLY complicated and took several do-overs to get something that worked.

But the pattern has lots of detail, pics, and links to video stitch tutorials. I made a couple ‘upgrades’ mostly to pull attention away from some of my less-than perfect implementation.

This crochet designer has lots of more realistic detailed crochet amigurumi patterns for you to try, besides this crochet frog.

3. Little Frog Crochet Pattern

Make cute amigurumi frog crochet patterns.

Pattern arrived immediately. Looks easy to follow. Such a cute frog!

Try a cute little frog amigurumi pattern. This crochet designer has lots of other adorable animal patterns for you to try.

Make your own adorable crochet frogs with this amigurumi pattern.

4. Crochet a Frog Hat Pattern

Make cute frog hat crochet patterns.

Pattern was easy to follow. I had fun making it!

such a fun first project!! i came into this with no crochet experience and was able to make this with the help of friends and youtube!

really good way to learn basics of crocheting while making something ADORABLE!! 10/10 recommend! edit: it is worth mentioning that my beginner self crocheted the whole top in FLO on accident, which is why my frog looks a little wonky! not part of the pattern

Turned out cute. Although I did change a lot of it and kinda made it my own. But the pattern was very well written

5. Fun Crochet Frog Hat – Hooded Cowl

Make cute frog hood crochet patterns.

I love using patterns by The Hat and I! This frog hooded cowl pattern was fun to make. The instructions and photos were clear and easy to follow.

Great pattern! Got stuck at first but was very helpful and after that it was quick and easy. I finished in a day and it’s so cute!

Pattern very easy to follow and quick to make. Can’t wait to make more variations of the hood!! Thanks.

Frog hat was a hit!! So warm and fun, my friend and her mom are obsessed! Thanks for the free gift!!

6. Amigurumi Leggy Frog Pattern

Make cute amigurumi frog crochet patterns.

This pattern was super easy to follow, and my Leggy Froggy turned out so cute! All my friends and family love it!

I absolutely adore this pattern!! it’s super simple and, easy to read. i love how my frogs turned out and i am SO excited to make a bunch more!

This is currently my favorite crochet pattern! The instructions are very detailed and clear, and the pattern includes lots of photos for reference.

Highly recommend. I mean, who can resist the distinguished manner of Mr. Orange Frog?!

Make your own cute crochet frog.

7. Crochet Frogs Pattern

Make a cute crochet frog with this pattern.
Straw Animals Brand

This was such a fun pattern and he turned out amazing! It had very easy to follow instructions!

I loved the pictures that went along with each section of the project to help! I had the BEST time! 🙂 I would recommend this pattern to anyone!

This little toad makes me smile everytime I look at him! The written pattern was not as easy to follow as some but it was well worth the effort.

Really nice design but I will have to do it again. Somehow, the torso became much too long. I don’t believe that was a fault in the pattern but my own. Still really cute.

8. Hugo the Frog Pattern – Amigurumi Toad

Make your own cute frog or toad with this adorable detailed crochet pattern.
My Cro Wonder

It was super easy to follow! I’m a beginner so I struggled a bit, but I think it turned out really good!

Absolutely stellar pattern, I’ve got a few made for friends already! The pattern is super easy to follow and works up in a jiffy.

More Fun Free Crochet a Frog Ideas

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Make cute amigurumi frog crochet patterns.

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