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29 Adorable Crochet Cat Patterns: Beginner Amigurumi Tips

Crochet cat patterns are so cute. Love crocheting and cats?

Make one of these cute crochet cat patterns for a great baby gift, cat lover’s present, or a cute present, for a boy or girl.  

Wondering how to crochet a cat? Learn how to crochet a cat from the crocheting cat patterns below. There are lots of cute crochet patterns for cats, even a hat and a cat toy.

crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

Any of these cat amigurumi patterns will show you how to make a cute stuffed crochet cat pattern. There are larger cats and small crocheted cat patterns.

You will want to get plastic eyes for your crochet animal amigurumi.

Amazon is a good place to find them. I got these safety eyes.

There are lots of different crocheted amigurimi cat patterns to choose from. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next cat or kitten crochet project.

Looking for other cute animal crochet patterns? Try these cute crochet dog patterns or crochet fox patterns.

Beginner Amigurumi Tips

Need some tips on amigurumi? Check out these links.

There are affiliate links in this post. I will receive a small commission if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.

These amigurumi crochet cat patterns are paid. For some free kitty animal crochet patterns go to the end of the list.

Crochet Cat Patterns Amigurumi

1. Kitty Cat Amigurumi Bundle Crochet Pattern


In this cute crochet cat pattern, you get four different crochet hat patterns: siamese, tabby, calico, tuxedo.

Make a cute crochet stuffed animal pattern.

What to learn how to crochet a tabby cat? This pattern will be perfect. It shows you how to crochet a tabby cat and 3 other versions.

Wow! Can’t recommend this pattern enough! Beautifully written, lots of clear photos, easy to read layout, and instructions were easy to follow.

I particularly loved the super clear noted about placement of eyes, limbs, etc.

I like the variety in this cat crochet amigurumi pattern. With this crochet pattern for cat you can make one to match you favorite real cat.

2. Little Crocheted Cat Keychain Pattern


5 out of 5 – Easy to follow. This is such a cute cat. Thank you. 🙂

An adorable kitten pattern! To achieve the gauge the seller gave me of 38 sc and 28 rows = 10 cm, I used a #1 Super Fine weight yarn with a #6 steel hook.

My end product was a sweet little kitten about 4″ long. Thank you for such a cute pattern!

Make a cute little amigurumi cat crochet and turn it into a keychain.

3. My Little Kitty Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


5 out of 5 – Your patterns are amazing and always so easy to follow!

Great pattern. Easy to follow, lots of photos. I made the tail just a tad shorter to make sure I only used a 50gm ball of main colour yarn.

I used a light weight 3 yarn with a 3.5 mm hook. Turned out great! Thank you!

Absolutely lovely pattern. Really well written with clear photo tutorials. Really loved making these. Fairly easy to do, but with stunning results 

This crochet designer has lots of crocheted animal patterns to make, besides this crochet pattern for a cat.

4. Easy Sleepy Cat Crochet Pattern

Make your own adorable sleeping cat. with this amigurumi pattern.

A cute stuffed amigurumi cat pattern doing what cats love, napping.

5 out of 5 – Love this pattern! It’s very well explained with lots of pictures for guidance. I used a 2.5 mm hook with medium 4 yarn.

End result is perfect. Highly recommend!

Worked up absolutely flawlessly and in one long sitting! The instructions are so well written! I had no trouble whatsoever!

I am completely in love with this one, it is so much sweeter when it is done then you even think it is going to be!

In my version I was of course working with what I have on hand, and so used some little scraps of Bernat Baby Blanket in pink for the nose and used a periwinkle denim and light cream.

I also chose to sew the whiskers in place rather then glue them in, as I didn’t have any glue on hand.

But I just love how this sleepy kitty came out! I will be making one for every new baby in my friends and family circle from now on!!!

He’s the perfect sweetie to go with a layette! I can’t wait to try another Firefly pattern! SUPER Satisfied Granny!

Isn’t this pattern of a napping crochet cat so cute? This designer has other crochet patterns for cats, as well as, other adorable animal plushies.

5. Mia the Crocheted Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Make your own adorable crocheted cat with this pattern.

You could make a cute black cat or another color of your choice of this adorable kitty cat crocheted pattern.

5 out of 5 – This pattern is EXCELLENT!!! It is so easy to follow with very detailed pictures and instructions!

I LOVE this pattern and will purchase more from this store!

Grandson wanted to get a Green Cat for his birthday. And here was Mia the Cat bringing him a lot of fun and happiness ))

Thank you Anna for your easy to follow pattern with no mistakes. I highly recommend this pattern to anyone.

6. Kitty Crochet Pattern

Make your own cute kitty cat crochet pattern.

5 out of 5 – very nice pattern and well explained

Works up fast and it’s very easy. The pattern is easy to follow. I also have made the horse and giraffe.

Make a cute amigurumi crochet cat pattern. This designer has lots of other cute crochet animal patterns.

7. Sweet Little Kitten Crochet Pattern

Make your own sweet kitten with this cat amigurumi pattern.

5 out of 5 – So cute everyone likes it, easy to follow download available immediately love it

Easy to follow! A very fun pattern. Would definitely buy from this shop again (I gave the finished cat as a gift and don’t have a picture…oops)

Make a cute amigurumi cat crochet pattern, with this cute kitten animal crochet pattern.

8. Luna the Kitty Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

5 out of 5 – This was perfect! I made one for my niece and it worked up quickly and I love the size. Crochet Pattern for a Cat.

LOVED this pattern. I can’t wait to make more in different colors! This was my first ever amigurumi project

Make a cute crochet pattern for a cat. This would be a soft and cuddly crochet animal for a little one to cuddle.

9. Girl Cat Crocheted Amigurumi Pattern

crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

5 out of 5 – This is an absolutely delightful pattern, I love the look of the kitties and that the pattern includes the instructions for the fabric dresses.

Pattern is very well written, and I really do hope to see more animal patterns in the future from this designer, because I will definitely be back for more! Love it 🙂

Make a cute girl crochet cat pattern. You can make clothes to go with your new cat doll.

10. Charlie the Cat Crocheted Pattern

crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

5 out of 5 – Pattern is great and easy to follow!

Gorgeous! I bought this pattern as it resembles a cat my 7-yr-old granddaughter drew and I said I would crochet it for her.

She wants it in orange with black stripes so that it ‘is a cat, but looks like a tiger’. Not made it yet, but looking forward to doing so 🙂

Make a cute large stuffed cat pattern with cute details.

11. Easy Kitty Amigurumi Tutorial Crochet Pattern

crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

Great pattern!!! thanks for your creativity!! I love cats!!!

Make a cute animal crochet pattern. This crochet designer has other cute crochet patterns to try.

Make a cute crocheted can with this pattern.

12. Little White Kitty Crochet Pattern


Easy pattern to follow. This was my first amigurumi project and it came out really well! I gave it to my brother for Christmas.

And I modeled it after our black cat (so I changed the colors) very happy with this pattern! Thank you!

Great pattern! Easy to follow. Turned out extremely cute when it was finished. I made a black cat instead of a white one. The tutu collar was perfect

SUCH a cute pattern! i made a cherry cat which was requested by one of my customers and she loved it! I also loved the pattern myself and it was also easy to understand 🙂

This crochet designer has other cute cat patterns for you to try. There is a tabby, Siamese and calico. Learn how to make one of these cute crocheted cats.

13. Marshmallow Kitty Pattern

Make your own soft cuddly kitty with this crochet pattern.

Super easy pattern to follow! I was able to not follow the colours of the pattern to make it a custom tabby cat! Photo is a work in progress before I added the ears.

Pattern was super easy to follow and I got to make a big chungus cat! Cute!

14. Big Long Cat Crocheted Pattern

Make your own cute and cuddly crocheted cat.

The pattern is so easy to follow and really relaxing! Also incredibly easy to adapt to make it longer or shorter 🙂

My first is done and I’ve already started a second – each of my kids has begged for one in their favorite colors!

The result is SO SNUGGLY! I used Premier Parfait Chunky yarn and a 5mm hook. So soft and worked great for the pattern!

15. Kaylie the Kitten Crochet Pattern

Make your own adorable little crocheted kitten.

obsessed! i tweaked it a little to resemble my kitten. love it

This was such an easy pattern to follow, and it was fairly quick to work up too.

The cat I made was a birthday present for my daughter and she loved it! Thanks so much for another awesome pattern!

16. Cat Chunky Crochet Beanie Pattern

bulky hat crochet patterns- winter hat crochet pattern- #crochet #crochetpattern #diy

5 out of 5 – Excellent instructions very clear to follow, with pictures and easy to understand instructions. I am excited to finish and wear my new Cat hat and love it all the way.

Make your own fun cat beanie with this crochet pattern. You will have your own cat ears in no time.

Free Amigurumi Crochet Cat Patterns

Crochet Cat Pattern Videos

Make your own cute cat. There are a both of crochet patterns to choose from. You can make a stuffed cat in your favorite colors for a friend or yourself.

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crochet cat pattern- kitty crochet pattern pdf - amigurumi #crochet #crochetpattern

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