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YouTube for Crocheting 100’s of Patterns

YouTube has a lot of instructional content on various topics such as makeup tutorials, cooking lessons, fitness regimes, and DIY projects. Among these, crochet enthusiasts have made YouTube their go-to destination for crocheting patterns and techniques.

If you love crochet, YouTube has a vast collection of videos offering step-by-step instructions on patterns and different techniques. You can follow these videos, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an avid crocheter, for inspiration and to develop your skills.

Whether you’re a beginner, an avid crocheter, or simply looking for inspiration, YouTube provides a wealth of resources that can help you develop your skills and create stunning works of art. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at just how YouTube can help you crochet hundreds of patterns.

YouTube for Crocheting 100’s of Patterns

1. A More Crafty Life Crocheting for YouTube – Crochet Stitches Left Handed

This is my YouTube channel that I have been working hard on . You can find my video tutorials of crochet stitches, blankets and more. They are all left-handed, as I can do lots of things right-handed but I cannot crochet.

There are free PDF links in the description and comments for the written crochet pattern.

You can find the playlist of my how to videos: How to Videos Left Handed YouTube

My Most Popular Stitch – Suzette Stitch

Try this easy stitch tutorial video on YouTube. There are lots of different stitches and free patterns to try.

The suzette stitch is an easy pattern that you can learn in no time with this video tutorial.

Other Stitch Video Crocheting YouTube Tutorials

Try my most popular video tutorials: Crunch Stitch Washcloth or Easy Green Stripe Bernat Blanket Yarn Pattern

2. Daisy Farm Crafts Crocheting for YouTube

Try some of these crocheting video tutorials on YouTube.

This YouTube channel has lots of blanket and crochet stitch patterns for you to try. I find them easy to follow and they are all right-handed.

3. Massive Crochet

picture of massive crochet's YouTube Channel

This crochet channel has lots of blanket stitch examples and borders.

4. Bag O Day Crochet

This channel talks about crochet and has lots of patterns for all kinds of items: hats, blankets, shawls, baby clothes, stitches, and more.

There are tons of videos for you to try. Watch some and find your next project. The videos are right handed.

5. TL Yarn Crafts

photo of TL Yarn Crafts YouTube channel videos

On this YouTube channel you can find lots of tips, patterns, talking about crochet, and more. A few of the patterns I saw were Tunisian crochet, bags, and clothes.

6. Naztazia

This crochet YouTube channel has tons of crochet stitch patterns in bright colors. There are other crochet patterns too and tips.

7. Rich Textures Crochet

Rich Textures Crochet has a bunch of crochet stitch patterns, plus lots of other patterns like hats and bags. There is a matching blog too.

8. Complicated Knots

photo of Complicated Knots YouTube channel videos

This channel has lots of amigurumi patterns to you to make. There is an otter, wolf, and a lot more for you to make.

9. Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

graphic of Nicki's Homemade Crafts YouTube channel

You can find lots of different kinds of crochet patterns, amigurumi, tips and more. There are lots of shorts crochet videos too.

10. Crochet Crowd

graphic of The Crochet Crowd YouTube channel

There are lots of different patterns. You can find stitch along patterns, tips, left handed patterns and more.

More Crochet YouTube Channels To Try

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