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15 Free Crochet Cat Patterns: Make Cute Amigurumi Kittens

Learn how to make cute amigurumi kittens and cats with these free crochet patterns. These cute animal patterns are great to make your own personalized crocheted stuff cat.

New to creating amigurumi animals? There are easy and more advanced patterns, great for all skill levels.

crocheted cats

You will need some yarn, scissors, stitch markers, safety eyes, toy stuffing, and a tapestry needle. A few skill you will need is magic circle, crocheting in the round, sewing on pieces, pattern reading, increase and decrease, and single crochet.

More Free Crochet Animals to Make

Free Crochet Cat Patterns: Cute Amigurumi Kittens

1. Free Amigurumi Kitten Pattern

little crochet cat pattern

Make your own cute cat with this free pattern. This would be a great beginner pattern.

2. Free Pattern Set of 3 Cute Cats

pattern set of 3 cute crocheted cats

There are 3 versions of this cute cat crochet pattern that is available for free. There is a tabby, Siamese, and calico.

3. No-Sew Crochet Cat Pattern

cute gray no sew crochet cat pattern

Make your own cute cat with this free no sew pattern. This is an easy plushie cat in one color.

This pattern uses DK chenille yarn to make this cute stuffed cat.

4. Large Ami Free Crocheted Cat Pattern

large colorful crochet cat pattern amigurumi

Enjoy making a large colorful cat. This cat would make a great gift for any cat lover. This pattern uses a yarn with a mix of cotton and acrylic.

5. Free Amigurumi Crocheted Cat in Dress Pattern

crocheted cat in dress pattern amigurumi

This cute cat has a whole outfit for you to make. There is a cute dress, shoes, and a bow. This would be a more advanced pattern.

6. Big and Little Cats

large and small gray crocheted cat with stripes free amigurumi pattern

This is a great beginner amigurumi pattern. You will need some sport weight yarn to make this cute smaller cat. For the larger cat use a soft chenille or velvet yarn for a cuddly plushie version.

7. Cat Ballerina

This amigurumi cat pattern has a ballerina outfit. The crocheted stuffed cat would make a cute gift for a dancer. You could also make a solid color cat too.

8. Amigurumi Kitten

colorful crocheted cats

Use category #2 yarn for a small version of a cute crochet cat. This little crocheted kitten would look great in lots of colors and could be a little pocket friend.

9. Large Squishy Calico Cat

crochet calico cat pillow

This crocheted calico cat is made using Bernat Blanket Yarn to make a large huggable cat pillow. Have fun making your own version with this free pattern.

10. Small Cat

long legged crochet cat pattern

This is a small long legged cat version. This is an easier pattern that should not take long.

More Free Amigurumi Cat Patterns

Have fun making your own own cute cat. Looking for more cats or dogs to try: 35 Adorable Crochet Cat Patterns or 27 Amigurumi Dog Crochet Patterns.

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