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15 Cute Bumblebee Crochet Patterns: Quick Bee Projects

Make your own cute and fun bee with some of these bumblebee crochet patterns. There are different skill levels available and they are quick and easy projects.

Do you love bees or know someone who does? These patterns will be perfect. There are lots of different ones to try.

crochet bumblebee pattern bees

These patterns just need a few colors of yarn and safety eyes. Don’t forget the toy stuffing and stitch markers.

More Amigurumi Patterns

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Cute Bumblebee Crochet Patterns: Fun Bees

Click on the titles to go to the bee crochet patterns.

1. Free Amigurumi Crochet Bee Pattern

free crochet animal patterns - amigurumi crochet pattern - #crochet #crochetpattern #diy #amigurumi

Make a cute stuffed amigurumi bumblebee. This is a happy bee that should be easy to make if you have amigurumi experience.

Start creating your own chubby bee today.

2. No Sew Bee Plushie

no sew crochet bee plushie

Customers for this easy plushie bee say the pattern is easy and the bee turns out so cute.

The bee will measure approximately 4.5 in high. The skill level is beginner amigurumi.

3. Extra Large Crochet Bumblebee: Free Pattern

extra large crocheted bumblebee plushie

Make your own cuddly jumbo yellow and black plushie bee with this free crochet pattern.

You will need some jumbo weight #7 yarn for this large plushie.

4. Busy Bee Crochet Pattern

crocheted busy bee

Make a super cute bumble bee with a easy pattern. This designer has lots of cute patterns for you to try.

5. Bee Doll

crochet bee doll

Make your own cute bee stuffed doll with this free pattern. This crochet designer has many other cute amigurumi patterns for you to try.

6. Amanda the Bee and Willow the Wasp

bee and wasp crocheted toy

With this easy and fun pattern you get to bugs, a bee and a wasp. Try making your own soft plush crocheted toy.

There is a video tutorial to help you with this advanced beginner crochet pattern.

7. Little Bee: Free Crochet Pattern

little crocheted bee

This cute little bumblebee can be made in a couple of hours. This little bug has cute details and will work up fast.

8. Micro Bee

micro crocheted bumble bee

Make your own extremely tiny bee with this micro bee crochet pattern.

9. Big & Little Bee Free Amigurumi Pattern

big and little crochet bees

Make your own fun queen bee with a little friend to match. My daughter would like this. She really enjoys stuffed toys with moms and babies.

10. Bee Applique Set

crochet bee applique set hive sunflowerr

Add these cute bee themed appliques to your projects. There is a sunflower, hive and 3 different bees.

More Free Bee Crochet Patterns

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