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15 Charities to Donate Your Handmade Crochet Items

Are you looking for a way to both show off your creative side and give back? Consider donating handmade crochet items to those in need!

Here are 11 charities where you can donate your crochet items, spread joy, and make a difference.

Have you ever thought about donating your handmade crochet items? Crocheting can be a great way to give back to the community, especially during the winter season when people need extra warmth and comfort.

Donating crocheted items like hats, blankets, and scarves can bring joy to those in need and help spread kindness throughout your community. Consider how you can make a difference with your crochet skills today!

I will be using my leftover yarn to make blankets for kittens. Kitten season is nearing and my local humane society needs lots of blankets for kittens.

Try this easy Suzette Rainbow Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern. This colorful blanket has a simple 1 row repeat pattern using a self striping yarn.
free easy rainbow blanket pattern

Donating Crochet Items

Donating crocheted items provides a number of benefits to both the donor and those in need. First, it is an easy way to make someone’s day brighter with a handmade item that was created with love.

Second, it can be a great way for crafters to use up their leftover yarn and reduce waste.

Third, it is a great way to spread kindness to those in need and create positive change in your community. Lastly, crafting for donation can be incredibly rewarding and therapeutic for the crafter.

By taking the time and effort to create something special, you can help those in need while showing your creativity. Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Start small – choose one item to make and get comfortable with the process before creating more.
  2. Research charities or organizations that accept donations of handmade items and determine their specific requirements for donations.
  3. Choose colors and yarns carefully – many crocheting projects are made with an intended recipient in mind, so it’s important to choose colors and materials that will work best for them.
  4. Consider making multiple items – if you have enough supplies on hand, consider making a few items at once so that fewer people receive only one item each.
  5. Label each item with care instructions – this is especially important if the project made is something delicate or needs extra attention when washing or caring for it long-term.
  6. Reach out – contact the charity or organization directly to see if they need any help delivering your donation safely or if there is anything else you can do to support their mission further!

What Types of Crochet Items to Donate

A variety of crocheted items can be donated, depending on the resources and needs of your local community. Hats, scarves, cowls, blankets, mittens and shawls are some popular items to donate.

Consider the climate and culture of your area when deciding what types of items to make. For example, if you live in a chilly climate, consider donating warm hats or scarves; if you live in a sunny climate, consider donating bright colorful shawls or lighter-weight wraps.

You can also research local shelters and charity organizations for donation requests that will provide specific guidance on needed items.

Charities to Donate Crochet Items To

Are you looking for a way to give back and show off your creative side? Consider donating handmade crochet items to those in need! Here are 11 charities where you can donate your crochet items and make a difference:

1. Warm Up America – Donate Crochet Items

This charity collects handmade blankets, hats, scarves, and other warm-weather wearables.

2. Project Linus

Dedicated to providing comfort to ill or traumatized children, Project Linus collects soft toys, quilts, blankets, and other handmade items that bring comfort during difficult times.

Try this colorful rainbow double dot crochet baby blanket pattern. This pattern uses basic stitches plus the bobble stitch for this pattern. Find the free PDF
Free colorful baby blanket pattern

Free crochet baby blanket patterns to try.

3. Snuggles Project

Animals living in shelters aren’t forgotten! The Snuggles Project collects blankets for cats and dogs living in animal shelters across the country.

4. Crochet for Cancer – Donate Crochet Items

They seek to provide handmade caps for chemo patients who have loss their hair. You can find crochet and knit patterns on their site.

5. Operation Gratitude

Through their Handmade with Love program, this charity collects crocheted hats and scarves to be distributed by military members on deployment in the cold winter months in care packages.

free chunky crochet hat pattern for beginners-super bulky yarn gauge 6- easy wide scarf pattern - #crochet #crochetpattern #freecrochetpattern
free hat with bulky yarn pattern make and donate your crochet items.

Looking for more hat and scarves patterns? Try 35 Free Crochet Patterns for Infinity Scarves or
101 Warm Crochet Patterns for Hats.

6. Crafting Change

They donate many different items. There are lots of patterns to try for knitting and crochet. Some of the items they donate are soap sacks, washcloths, hats, and more.

7. Hats Off 4 Cancer

This organization works directly with pediatric hospitals around the world collecting hats of all sizes made from any type of yarn (including crocheted).

8. Binky Patrol – Donate Crochet Items

Make blankets to donate to children to help comfort them.

Donating handmade crochet items is a great way to share your love and help those in need. It’s an easy way to spread good cheer, warm hearts and make a lasting impact.

Whether you donate directly to a charity organization or to individuals in need, your donation will bring smiles, warmth and comfort to many.

free baby blanket pattern using lightweight yarn

Free crochet baby blanket patterns to try.

More Charities to Donate Crochet Items

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