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Easy Tea Towel Pattern Cotton Free Crochet Kitchen Pattern

Learn how to make this pretty tea towel crochet pattern using cotton and bamboo yarn. This easy kitchen towel pattern has a 2 row repeat.

This pattern makes a practical dish towel that you can customize to your color preference. The pattern is an easy repeat using single crochet and the double cluster stitch.

I made this kitchen towel using soft Lion Brand Coboo Yarn. This yarn is a mix of cotton and bamboo and has a soft feel with a light shine. You can substitute your favorite cotton yarn.

Carmel crocheted tea towel with blue plate

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Carmel teal towel crochet pattern

How to Make Easy Tea Towel Pattern Cotton Bamboo Yarn


  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • tapestry or yarn needle
  • scissors
  • 1-3.5 oz (100g) Lion Brand Coboo Yarn in Beige or any #3 light DK yarn 232 yd (212 m)
  • 1-3.5 oz (100g) Lion Brand Coboo Yarn in Steel Blue or any #3 light or DK yarn 232 yd (212 m)
close-up of Carmel tea towel crochet pattern cluster stitch

Abbreviations US Terms

  • yo – yarn over
  • ch– chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • st– stitch
  • ch-sp – chain space

Special stitch: cluster double stitch, similar to working 4 double crochet together in one stitch or space: 1. Yo, insert hook into stitch or space, Yo, draw up a loop (3 loops on hook), Yo, draw through 2 loops (2 loops remain on hook), repeat 3 more times.

You will have 3 loops on the hook, then 4, then 5. Yo, draw through all loops on hook. Chain 1 to secure the stitch. 

Double cluster stitch video left-handed – double cluster stitch video right-handed

Size of towel: 16 x 24 in (41 cm x 61 cm)

Pattern tips

  • You need an even number for the chain.
  • Coboo yarn does have a tendency to split and not go back together so be careful to not split the yarn.
  • The chain at the beginning of each row counts as the first stitch.
Carmel tea towel laid out crochet pattern

Ch 68 in blue

Row 1: sc in the 2nd st from the hook and in each stitch across. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 2: sc in the 2nd st, ch-1. *sc in the next st ch-1 skip 1 st*. Repeat ** ending with 1 sc in each of the last 2 sts. Chain 4 and turn.

Row 3: Work cluster in each ch-1 space across, skip 1 scdc in last st. Chain 1 and turn.

Row 4: sc in top of dcsc in ch-sp before first cluster, *ch 1, sc in next ch-sp between clusters; repeat from * across working one sc in ch-sp after last cluster and 1 sc in third ch from turning chain. Chain 4 and turn.

Repeat Rows 3-4 until you have 60 rows or the length you want.

Color changes: 5 rows of steel blue, 3 rows of alternating beige and steel blue, 16 rows of beige, 6 rows of steel blue, 16 rows of beige, 3 rows of alternating beige and steel blue, 5 rows of steel blue.

Cut and knot yarn. Weave in ends, using a tapestry needle.

finished Carmel tea towel crochet pattern

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Easy Carmel Tea Towel Crochet Pattern Cotton Bamboo Yarn Free PDF

picture of PDF Carmel tea towel crochet pattern

Click on title or photo to download the free PDF of Carmel Tea Towel Crochet Pattern.

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Carmel teal towel crochet pattern

Sue Stern

Saturday 18th of May 2024

On row 2 of the tea towel should I be skipping a stitch after every single crochet chain 1 ? I haven’t been skipping any according to the pattern which is different from the video and my clusters are curving the towel badly . Thank you .

Sue Stern

Sunday 19th of May 2024

@Heather Hamlin, thank you so much it looks much better now lol.

Heather Hamlin

Sunday 19th of May 2024

Yes, I updated the pattern. Skip a st after each sc and ch1.


Monday 6th of May 2024

I need help changing my crochet email address with your designer, I don't want to cancel, do you have an option to help with that, a manage preferences?

Heather Hamlin

Tuesday 7th of May 2024

email me at [email protected] with the new email and old email and I will update the contact.

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