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Mother’s Day Flower Craft – Spring Flower Recycled Kids Craft

I love spring. The beginning of warmer weather and gardening season. Tulips are one of my favorites. No sign of tulips yet, the crocus and daffodils are blooming.

Make your own pretty Mother’s Day flower craft put it into a jar for a special Mother’s Day gift. Enjoy this tulip craft.

Mother’s Day Flower Craft – How to Make a Egg Carton Flower


supplies for tulip craft -
paint, felt, and egg carton
  • egg carton
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint – I used red & white
  • green pipe cleaners
  • green felt
  • glue
  • red construction paper


Cut the egg carton part at the divisions. Then cut the cup into 4 petals. On the sides no divided into petals cut a downward triangle to make the petal.

cut up egg cartoon scissors
cut up egg carton

Step 2

Paint the egg cartons inside and out with paint. I mixed the white with a little red to get 2 colors of pink. Let paint dry.

painted pink egg carton tulip
painted pink tulip


Cut 4 petal for each cup. Cut the edges off. Curve the edges of each petal. Where there is no petal cut a triangle where there is supposed to be 2 petals.

painted pink tulip
painted egg cartons
finished tulip


Poke 2 holes just big enough for a pipe cleaner. Put the pipe cleaner from underneath of the cup and then down through the other hole.

Leaving most of the pipe cleaner as a stem twist the end of the pipe cleaner around itself.

holes for tulip stem -
poke holes in bottom
painted pink tulip craft with stems

tulip craft with stems

pink tulip craft -

stem of tulips


If you like, paint the centers white.

white center pink tulip craft -
white center tulip


Cut the 9 x 12 felt sheet in half vertically. Fold each half in half again and cut. Take the halves and Fold each in thirds and cut a part.

Fold each piece in half and cut a triangular point. Glue a leaf to each stem by starting about 2 1/2 in from the bottom of the stem and wrap the leaf from the stem and apply glue. Let dry and arrange in a jar or vase. Enjoy.

tulip stem with leaf


Fold a piece of paper the size you would like the heart. Might was about 3 in x 3 in. Draw a heart and cut the heart out. Trace of the red construction paper.

Cut out. Repeat for a 2nd heart. Put one heart down and then place a pipe cleaner on top centered in the middle of the heart.

Put glue add second heart making sure your words on on the outside. Let dry add to the bouquet. Enjoy

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