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23 Easy Rainbow Kid Crafts to Make Colorful Projects

I always enjoy rainbows, bright and cheerful. Lots fun and colorful rainbow craft to make!

My toddler and I tried a few of them out. Most of the crafts need only a few supplies. For example, you can use crayons, markers, colored pencils, and even paint to create a variety of different rainbow crafts.

Perfect for a gloomy day to make you think of spring. First grab a few supplies and enjoy! I hope you have as much fun as we did.

Crafts are a great indoor family activity. You can simplify the crafts for your youngest and let the oldest use their creativity to make unique crafts.

Most of the crafts just need paper, glue, and scissors. Don’t have the other supplies get your kids to brainstorm alternatives.

Pair this craft with a book for creating and reading fun. A Rainbow of My Own.

I have gathered some rainbow crafts and we made these other rainbow crafts: Rainbow Bracelet CraftRecycle Rainbow Suncatcher Craft, and Recycle Rainbow Suncatcher Craft.

Follow me for more fun crafts and activities.

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Rainbow Paper Kid Projects

The Rainbow Paper Kid Project is a fun and unique way to keep kids entertained while helping them learn. These projects include colorful paper that can be used to make a variety of fun designs.

Cloud Rainbow

Turn some colorful paper into a fun cloud with rainbow stripes.

Paper Plate Rainbow Crafts

painted paper plate craft

This craft uses the technique of scrape painting a paper plate to make a fun rainbow.

Paint Rainbow Craft

cotton ball painting rainbow craft
Cotton ball Painting

Use cotton balls to paint this colorful rainbow. Then add clouds with paper or clean cottonballs.

Other Rainbow Craft

Rainbow bread painting
finished bracelet

Free Printable Painted Rainbow Craft

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Tissue Paper Rainbow Suncatcher

Rainbow Fingerpainted Butterfly Craft for Kids

rainbow crafts - crafts for kids- kid crafts - #preschool #kidscraft #craftsforkids

Recycle Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

rainbow crafts - crafts for kids- kid crafts - #preschool #kidscraft #craftsforkids

R is for Rainbow Letter Craft

R is for rainbow letter craft for kids. Use this letter R printable to make a rainbow letter.

Turn this printable letter R into a fun and colorful rainbow. This is an easy craft need paper, scissors, and glue.

More Rainbow Crafts

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