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19 Fun and Easy Kid Craft Kits – Great Gifts 4 to 12 Year Old

Looking for some ideas for creative kid craft kits? There are lots of different craft kits for your kids to enjoy.

Craft kits are great, they have everything you need to try a new craft. Have a crafting party. There are lots of fun ideas found on one of favorite places to shop

These craft kits for kids would be great for a gift or when you are needing an indoor activity. The whole family could join in and create together.

Ages for the crafts are 3+ but if your child is past the putting things in their mouth stage, 2 year olds could do some of the kits too, under supervision.

There are lots of different crafts for 4 to 12 year old to try. There are craft supplies boxes, window art, bracelets, and more.

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small amount when you purchase items through these links at no cost to you.

Kid Craft Kits

1. Giant Busy Box Craft for Kids

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars –Kids had so much fun, like others mentioned it is missing specific instructions but they they didn’t care. This lasted a longtime, you get 4 animals, 4 paper plates, 4 paper bags, play dough and pizza(weakest).

The glue stick tends to run drier than Elmer’s glue. It’s expensive but less than if you were to buy some of their craft kits individually.

If you add all the paper plates, paper bags kits together, it would have costs more. Well worth it in my opinion.

Daycare suggested another quick and mess free activity with dot markers with this set and they were content for days! Craft Box for Kids.

This box would be great for 3 to 12 year old kids. The younger kids would enjoy it the most.

2. Little Monsters Sewing Craft Kit age 7+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

Craftster’s Sewing Kits

5 out of 5 stars –This is the perfect craft if it’s a rainy day or your kids are bored. I have 2 daughter’s ages 5 and 7 and they were both able to do the craft.

My 5 year old just needed a bit of extra help. We chose to do the yellow cyclops first and it took us  about 45 minutes.

I like that the activity wasn’t too short so we have more animals to sew in the future. But, it also wasn’t too long. It kept their attention the whole time.

The instructions were very simple and clear and my kids loved learning how to sew. Their favorite part was gluing on the face and stuffing it. The pieces were very easy to work with and great quality.

Everything was packaged nicely. I would definitely recommend this fun craft and think it would be great for ages 5/6 and up. It’s a great way to spend one on one time with your kids 🙂 Click to order.

This sewing craft kit is for 7 and older kids or a 6 year old that has good fine motor skills and has crafted before.

3. Picture Mosaic Craft Kit – age 3+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – Read a review that these are great for travelling as they are individually packed. Bought it, and my 4 year old daughter enjoyed it.

She finished half, and came back to it and finished the rest. The board is good quality, and the stickers were paper ones but my daughter didn’t have a problem removing and sticking them. Mosaic Craft Kit for Kids.

This craft would be poplar with the 3 to 5 year old kids.

4. Rock Painting Kit  – age 6 +

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Creativity for Kids:

COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: Rocks included! This intro to rock painting kit is great for beginners. Comes with everything you need to paint,decorate and hide 10 rocks

WATERPROOF ART SUPPLIES: Hide your rocks outdoors! Comes with 8 waterproof paint colors, transfer designs and tracking stickers

5 out of 5 stars – Who would have thought that a little paint and some rocks could be so much fun?!?! My daughter and niece (ages 4 & 6)entertained themselves for quite some time decorating these.

Our favorite part was putting the tattoos on the rocks! Once we used all the rocks included, we just grabbed more outside. Now we plan to leave them around outside for others to enjoy! Rock Craft kit.

This would be great for 6 year old and older. Younger kids could do it if you gave them markers or easy things tomake.

5. Window Art Kit – age 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Made by Me

CREATE WINDOW ART: Make your window pop with over 20 whimsical window art illustrations and colors as you paint and design 12 suncatcher shapes and watch the colors illuminate from the sunshine

5 out of 5 stars – Love this! This was a great project the kids enjoyed! Its very fun and the window art looks amazing Click to order your kit.

6. Jungle Animal Sewing Kit  age 7+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Four seasons crafting

These fun sew kits are the perfect activity for sewing beginners 

5 out of 5 stars – My three children had so much fun sewing this cute little stuffed toys. They are home schooled and I gave them Home Economics credit.

I must order more for the grand kids. I loved the storage bag that came with it..bonus for me!? Sewing Craft Kit.

7. DIY Magic Bouncy Balls Age 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Creative Kids

Make many different bouncy balls.

5 out of 5 stars – I’d actually read some of the other reviews before deciding to order these, and, I’m glad I did. Every Easter we have tons of kids over at the house and are always desperate for things to keep them occupied and off their “devices.”

While I agree, these bouncy balls aren’t the BOUNCIEST in the world, I must say, it was so great to have all the kids (ages 4 to 11) in the kitchen trying to make these.

The older kids where helping the younger kids, it kept them busy for a while making different balls and seeing how they turned out. I think it’s cool that you have to take special care for them to last because it taught the children to take care of their toys and not take them for granted.

I don’t know how many toys just become “yesterday’s toy” too quickly. It’s like an extra built in life lesson! This was a good buy, especially on a budget! It definitely served it’s purpose for our family! DIY Bouncy Balls.

8. Make Your Own Soap Age 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – I bought this for my 10 year old when she was having a friend over and they both loved it.

There was some trial and error to get their coloring correct and were glad I had bought a second kit. They went through both kits and had a blast. Definitely would recommend. Click to order.

9. Lip Balm Craft Kit Age 8+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Science Academy

5 out of 5 stars – I got this for my 11 year old niece for Christmas and we had so much fun with it. It really was great quality time.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully and it is really easy but also feels like a little science experiment. Definitely recommend for a nice hour of fun together that leaves her with a cute carrier of the lip balms you made. Click to order.

10. Paracord Wristband Craft Kit Age 7+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
 Creativity for Kids

Makes 6 bracelets.

5 out of 5 stars – These were a super fun and easy project for my 8 year old to make for friendship bracelets for his friends at school. He really enjoyed making them, after making one with help from an adult he was able to make more by himself with very little frustration and errors.

The glow in the dark isn’t fantastic, but it’s enough to make them a bit cooler than the regular paracord. His only thumb’s down is that there was only 3 skeins of glow cord and he wished for more, everything else about these got a huge double thumb’s up! Click to order.

10. Spinning Loom Friendship Bracelet Maker Age 8+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – My 9-year-old daughter got this for Christmas and she loves it. It has a little bit of a learning curve to get started, but once she figured it out, she made bracelets like crazy. It has multiple pattern instructions.

The biggest struggle was knowing how long to cut the string so the bracelets were long enough, and remembering to keep it tight while spinning. If it’s not tight enough, the thread will slide together after the bracelet is finished and ruin the design.

My daughter loves making bracelets, and we have probably 3-5 bracelet makers. This is the best we’ve found. I would definitely recommend it.  Click to order.

11 Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium Craft Kit 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Creativity for Kids

5 out of 5 stars – I bought this for my five-year-old little brother and he was so smitten with this gift! He loves nature and loved putting this together himself. The instructions were easy to follow and it didn’t take too long to put together.

Maybe 10-15 minutes. In the weeks following he was happy he had a “job” to do as he had to water the terrarium daily with the special spray bottle included. The different plants popped up in about 2-3 weeks. Very cool! Click to order.

12. Water Globe Kit Age 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Creativity for Kids

5 out of 5 stars – Excellent product. We made ​​some changes since we use them as souvenirs for the starwars birthday party of my little son . All the guests love it and we all had so much fun arming them . I recommend it 100 %. 10 star …Click to order.

13. Magnetic Mini Tile Art Age 8+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – The four girls(ages 8 – 12) had a lot of fun painting images on the tiles. They initially followed some of the sample art on the box. If they made a mistake, they noted it was easy to wipe off the paint and start again.

There was a color mixing guide inside the package. One of the problems is that the mixing guide noted colors to mix with red; however, the paint set did not include red paint. The girls found ways around it. We cut apart the paint buckets to make sharing easier.

Also, it helped to have additional brushes so as to switch between colors without having to rinse your brush each time. The paint set was overall easy to open.

The wet paint also wiped off easily from surfaces. They all enjoyed it and said they would use the kit again. The girls also said they would buy it for a friend’s birthday present gift too. Click to order.

14. Clay Charms Age 8-12

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars –During Christmas break, my 2 daughters and I spent half a day making these clay charms together.

It was our favorite activity of the whole break, besides opening presents Christmas morning! If you and your kids enjoy crafting, get this kit! You won’t regret it!! Click to order.

15. Mini Erasers Craft Kit Age 8+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – Lots of fun for the whole family! Everyone can be creative, the book shows a ton of ideas and gives instructions on many mini erasers. The erasers do really erase pencil after you have baked them.

My son received this at Christmas and it was one of his favorites, there are not too many craft kits that are not specifically geared towards girls, but this one is not. Click to order.

16. Glass Painting Craft Kit – Age 6+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Genius Art

5 out of 5 stars – Purchased this for my granddaughter. She loves to do crafts with me and so it is a fun time for both of us.

I am excited for her to do this with me and make beautiful things for me to have around the house that she made and she loves to see them when she comes over. Click to order.

17. Sand Art Painting Age 4+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift
Genius Art

5 out of 5 stars – Bought as a gift for granddaughter and she loves it. Makes a real nice picture and comes with a suitable paper frame.

It was fun for the kids, not messy and makes a nice piece of art to be proud of. Granddaughter is 7 and needed no help. Click to order.

18. Drawing Stencils Set Age 4+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – My 4 year old daughter loved these! Hours of fun tracing shapes/ animals etc.

The stencils are very well made. They are a hard plastic, so very sturdy. The carrying case is great. Everything fits nicely inside. Click to order.

19. Lego Chain Reaction Age 8+

kid craft kits - arts and crafts activities - #kidscraft #craftsforkids #christmas #preschool #gift

5 out of 5 stars – Wow! Not sure who is having more fun, my husband or the kids (5 and 7 years.) They love engineering, building, projects,etc. If you are like-minded this shouldn’t disappoint. Click to order.

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