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9 Cute Hedgehog Crochet Pattern Stuffed Animal

Hedgehogs are so cute. Who wouldn’t love a crochet animal toy made from crochet hedgehog patterns? An adorable stuffed crochet hedge toy would be a gift anyone would love.

An hedgehog crochet pattern would be great for an animal themed nursery, or anyone who loves animals. Try all of the different cute animal crochet versions.

There are lots of different amigurumi crocheting hedgehog patterns to choose from. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next crocheted animal project, a cute animal toy crochet pattern.

I have found that you need to keep a tight tension for your crocheted animals to turn out well. Also to get the same size as the pattern designer you need to do a test gauge swatch.

You will want to get plastic eyes for your crochet animal amigurumi. Amazon is a good place to find them. I got these eyes.

If you are making a crocheted stuffed animal for a new baby I would stitch on the eyes or make sure your crocheting is very tight. You will need to test that the eyes cannot be pulled out.

Need some tips on crochet animal amigurumi?

Check out these links.

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Amigurumi Crochet Hedgehog Patterns

1. Hedgehog with Glasses Crocheting Pattern

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This crochet designer has lots of cute animal crochet patterns for you to try besides this cute hedgehog crochet pattern.

2. Heath the Hedgehog Crochet Pattern

crochet hedgehog patterns - amigurumi crochet pattern - #crochet #crochetpattern #diy #amigurumi

Pattern was really easy to follow. I used bright colors for a magical hedgehog. Also did not do the final haircut to leave him fluffy. Very cute.

Super easy pattern to follow and by far the cutest hedgehog pattern I’ve seen/tried! A little time consuming with the spines but it’s well worth it for the result!

This crochet designer is has lot of adorable animals crochet patterns to try.

3. Honey the Hedgehog Crocheting Pattern


Such an easy pattern to follow! This was my first 3D piece/amigurumi that I made and was nervous about whether or not I’d be able to follow the pattern or not, but I needn’t have worried at all!

All steps are easily explained with no parts missing, and has photo instructions on how to do the quill backing for him too. I added a smiling mouth onto mine because I wanted to, although it doesn’t call for it. Thank you for a great pattern, I think mine turned out really cute!

This pattern was a good introduction to more advanced stitches. Small enough that it wasnt overwhelming to complete. I would definitely make more! It turns out cute! The eyes I had on hand were slightly smaller than the recommended eyes, but still turned out well.

4. Roly the Hedgehog Pattern


These hedgehogs are the cutest! The pattern is very well written with great instructions and step by step photos.

I love the fact that there are instructions for different ways of making the spines. All the results look amazing. There are also several yarn recommendations which is very useful.

Came out just as pictured! Lovely pattern.

This crochet designer has many other cute crochet animal patterns for you to try besides this adorable crochet hedgehog pattern.

5. Baby Sonic the Hedgehog Pattern


The pattern was very easy to follow and gave clear instructions on the different stitches you need to use. I might try a different yarn if I make this again.

My son is crazy about sonic right now and it’s so hard to find anything in stores for him, so I set off to etsy to find a crochet pattern in attempt to make him a sonic of his own.

I also didn’t use the washer things to connect the arms/legs I just stitched them on. I think he turned out ok. Thanks so much. Love the pattern.

This pattern IMMEDIATELY stood out from the rest of them; to myself as well as my 3 year old son. We both loved it! 

Cute Amigurumi Hedgehog Pattern


Try this cute hedgehog amigurumi pattern. There is a mushroom too. I like the spikey style of quills this pattern has.

There are a bunch of other cute crocheted animals from this crochet designer.

Amigurumi Stuffed Crochet Hedgehog Patterns – Free

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crochet hedgehog patterns - amigurumi crochet pattern - #crochet #crochetpattern #diy #amigurumi

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