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10 Cute Succulent Crochet Patterns to Make – Fun Amigurumi

Looking for an easy crochet succulent pattern? Try one of these crochet plant patterns.

It’s time to get creative with succulents! Crochet is a great way to add pops of green and life to your home décor.

So today we’ve put together a roundup of 9 easy crochet cactus patterns and ideas.

Make your own cute crochet succelent.

From simple succulent to more elaborate, there’s sure to be a pattern here for everyone! So grab your yarn and hooks, and let’s get crocheting!

There are lots of different amigurumi crocheted succulent patterns to choose from. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next project, a flower pattern.

I have found that you need to keep a tight tension for your stuffed crochet cactus to turn out well. Also to get the same size as the pattern designer you need to do a test gauge swatch.

You might want to get plastic eyes for your stuffed crochet flower if you are making a Kawaii version. Amazon is a good place to find them. I got these safety eyes.

Need some tips on amigurumi? Check out these links.

There are affiliate links in this post. I will receive a commission if you purchase through these links. There are free flower crochet patterns & videos towards the bottom.

Easy Crochet Succulent Patterns and Ideas

1. Hens and Chicks Succulent Pattern

Make your own hen and chicks succulent crochet pattern

Well written pattern with a beautiful result.

This hen and chicks pattern looks like the real plant. Very detailed instructions with pictures. I’m looking forward to making this!

2. Rosette Succulent Crochet Pattern

Make your own fun succulents with this pattern.

Very cute pattern and easy to follow. I did continuous rounds starting with a magic ring instead of joining the rounds, but it came out great!

This one of the first more complex crochet projects I did after learning to make simple chains and single crochets. The pattern was easy to follow and I love how my plant turned out!

3. Crocheted Cactus Garden Pattern

Try this pattern. It has lots of different cactus patterns for you to try.

This pattern has lots of different cactus and succulent patterns for you to try.

4. Crochet Succulent

Make your own crochet succulents in whatever color you want.

I’m going to make a few of these succulents and put them on a large wood slice with other things. 🙂

Right now I’m making one for a pig planter as a gift. 🙂 Easy to read pattern and the leaves look great. 🙂

5. Snake Plant Pattern

Make your snake plant with this crochet pattern. You can have your own indoor garden.

I’m really happy with this pattern. It was really well written and easy to follow. I was able to whip it up really fast, I’m very happy with the end result.

Made this for a friend and she loved it! I’m a complete beginner to crochet and this was only my second complete make.

I needed help reading the pattern but Michael replied to me within hours on Instagram. I’ll be making another for my own shelf!

6. String of Pearls Crochet Pattern

Make your own string of pearls succulent crochet pattern. You can have your own indoor garden.

Very happy with the pattern which was easy to follow and quick to make. In lockdown all the garden nurseries were closed, so I couldn’t buy plants – instead I crocheted my own!

great pattern! Gifted this little succulent to my hair stylist. She absolutely loved it!

This crochet designer has several different plant patterns for you to try.

Free Crochet Succulent Patterns

Create with these patterns. Share your projects on Instagram using the hashtag #amorecraftylife and tag us @amorecraftylife for a chance to be featured on our account. We can’t wait to see what beautiful flowers you create! Happy crocheting!

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Make your own fun succulent crochet patterns. Use these faux plants to make your own indoor garden.

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