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37 Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments -Homemade

Looking for some easy and fun Christmas salt dough ornaments for kids to make? I made a cute DIY wood reindeer ornament, tin foil Christmas ornaments, and fun fingerprint Christmas tree.

Next, I am going to make some more cute DIY handmade Christmas ornament kid crafts using every day supplies.

I gathered a lot of different homemade Christmas salt dough ornament to keep the kids entertained all month long.  

Create some keepsake ornaments for kids for your tree. There are all different kinds of homemade salt dough ornaments to make either for gifts or keepsakes.

Pair some of these DIY kid easy Christmas ornaments with some Christmas books, for reading practice and arts and crafts together.

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Easy Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments for Kids to Make

1. Christmas Tree Salt Dough Ornament for Kids

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Use your fingerprints to make a colorful salt dough ornament. This Christmas ornament would make a cute keepsake Christmas gift.

2. Salt Dough Handprint Heart Ornament

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

What child doesn’t love glitter. This Christmas salt dough ornament would be a great keepsake Christmas ornament.

3. Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Ornament

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Make a cute snowman salt dough ornament with a little paint and your finger.

4. DIY Snowman Hands Salt Dough Ornament

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Use a handprint to make cute snowmen ornament. You can have a snowman for each member of your family.

5. Santa Handprint Salt Dough Ornament

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Make an adorable Christmas Santa salt dough ornament out a handprint and paint.

6. Bauble Photo Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Roll out some salt dough and make these cute photo Christmas baubles. You can give them as gifts and keep them for adorable photo ornament keepsakes.

More Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

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Christmas salt dough ornaments #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

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