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Easy Fall Tree Kid Craft – Fall Leaves Fun

Leaves are covering the yard and I was looking for a quick kid activity. I thought my little girl would like to make a tree. She loves any kind of sticker activities. So, I made some quick fall leaves and a tree trunk and had an easy kid fall tree craft.

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easy fall tree kid craft - fall kid craft #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Easy Fall Tree Kid Craft


easy fall tree kid craft - fall kid craft #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Cut the squares of fabric into 2 in x 2 in pieces with the scissors or rotary blade using a ruler if you have it(rotary blade for an adult). You could cut them into leaf shapes.

Another option would be fake leaves. You could use paper too, but I don’t think it would be reusable. Cardboard would be another option. You could cut the cardboard out in leaf shapes and paint different colors.

Cut a piece of cardboard for the trunk. I used one flap of a box. It was about 12 in. and 3 in wide.

Cut the contact paper. Mine was approximately 30 in tall and 16 in wide. Make it as large as you have space and want.

Cut an extra strip about 1 in to use as tape. Peel the white part off so you have the clear sticky part. Then tape to the wall where your child will be able to reach it.

easy fall tree kid craft - fall kid craft #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

Have your child place the cardboard trunk towards the bottom on the contact paper. Add the leaves as you like towards the top. Talk about the different colors and how many different leave while they add them to the tree.

You can talk about why trees leaves turn colors. Have fun repeating. My 3-year-old had fun taking down the tree and making it again several times on different days.

easy fall tree kid craft - fall kid craft #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool

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easy fall tree kid craft - fall kid craft #kidscraft #craftsforkids #preschool


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