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Torn Paper Pumpkin Kids Craft – Fall Craft

What do you do when you want plan on making a torn paper pumpkin kids craft, but you don’t have any orange paper? You paint!

There was a big stack of construction paper but for some reason it doesn’t come with orange paper.

Make a fun torn paper pumpkin craft for kids

I had some washable watercolor I haven’t tried yet so I decided to use them to color some white paper orange for the pumpkin.

I found that the color the watercolors looked did show up on the paper the same.

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Torn Paper Pumpkin Watercolor Craft

Try this fun and easy torn paper pumpkin craft.


How to Make a Torn Paper Pumpkin Craft for Kids


  • Paper
  • Watercolors
  • glue or glue stick
  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • small cup of water
  • paper towel

step 1.

Paint most of the paper orange using the watercolors. You will get the most color if you just add a few drops of water to each of the watercolors.

Add more water as needed but not a lot or your colors will be very light. Save a strip of the paper for the green of the stem.

Make sure you clean your brush in the water and with the paper towel between colors.

step 2.

Tear the paper into piece. If tearing is still hard for your little one, tear the paper into strips and then let them tear it into pieces.

It is also easier if the paper is still wet. My pieces were about 1/2 in and smaller. Bigger pieces are easier to work with but are a little big for the stem part.

step 3.

Cut out a pumpkin shape and stem from the paper plate with the scissors. If you like, you can draw the shape first.

step 4

Glue the orange pieces on the pumpkin part. Glue the green pieces on the stem. You can use either liquid glue or stick. I found the glue stick worked the best.

Work on a small section at a time glue, then add paper pieces. I worked until the entire pumpkin was covered. Finished. I hope you enjoyed this torn paper pumpkin craft.

The pumpkins would look great as a pumpkin patch display.

Enjoy your torn paper pumpkin! This is an easy craft that is great for Fall or harvest themes.

Tearing paper works on fine motor skills needed to write.

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Try this fun and easy torn paper pumpkin craft.