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Learn the Half Double Crochet Stitch HDC – Beginner Crochet

Want to learn how to half double crochet for beginners? I have gathered tutorials and videos to share on how to do the half double crochet stitch, abbreviated as hdc, both right and left handed.

I will share my tips for crocheting and my free beginner crochet patterns. All my patterns tutorials will be shown left-handed but I will try to include a video or written tutorial link for right handed crocheters.

Learning how to crochet a half double crochet will be easy. The half double crochet stitch or hdc is like a short double crochet.

Crocheting is a great hobby. I think is easier to learn than knitting. All you need to crochet is a crochet hook and some yarn.

A great beginner crochet project would be a headband, washcloth, mug rug, or a scarf. A simple beginner blanket would be a great next project like this blue and gray striped baby blanket or this how to crochet a blanket.

Even more beginner crochet patterns: 100 Easy Crocheting Patterns for Beginners

The Crochet Stitch hdc

What does the crochet stitch hdc stand for? It is the half double crochet stitch. You will see it abbreviated as hdc in crochet patterns.

hdc stitch crochet blanket pattern


For a crochet beginner, I would choose gauge 4 worsted yarn in acrylic. This is an average yarn that is easy to get and work with.

You can find the gauge of the yarn on the label, as well as, what it is made out of. You will be looking for gauge 4. I would stay away from cotton, velvet or chenille yarn for your beginning projects.

Crochet Hook

For the crochet hook, I would purchase a set of metal hooks, including a size H or 5 mm hook. I have found that the metal hooks are easy to work with.

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How to do the Half Double Crochet Stitch for Beginners -Crochet Stitch hdc

Learn How to Tie a Slip Knot

The first thing you need to know, after the hook and yarn for how to crochet for beginners is a slip knot. You use a slip knot to put the yarn to the crochet hook.

  1. Cross the yarn and hold the x between your fingers, with the short piece on the left.
  2. Then, holding the x, put your fingers in the loop.
  3. Form a loop, you pull on the short side of the yarn into the loop, while holding on the the short end of the yarn.
  4. Pull on the loop you made until small enough to fit snugly around the crochet hook. Make sure you hold both pieces of yarn while you pull through the loop. Then pull on the short end to tighten around the hook.

More Tips on How to Tie a Slip Knot

How to Crochet for Beginners Chain Stitch

The first crochet stitch you will need to learn is the chain crochet stitch. This stitch is how you will start all of your projects. The chain stitch is usually abbreviated ch. You count your chain stitches by the top curve. You will want to count as you chain.

  1. First, you have the slip knot snug on your hook, holding the hook in your preferred grip, and your yarn threaded through your opposite hand. The slip knot needs to be close to the indention on the hook with the hook part facing up.
  2. Next, lay the yarn over the hook using your opposite hand. This is called yarn over. Then twist the hook to catch the yarn. Then pull the hook through the loop.
  3. You repeat the steps for the number of chains that are required for your pattern. You want each chain a similar size.

I hold the tail of the slip knot with my right hand (opposite of the hook). A little lose for chain stitches is better than too tight stitches If your project starts to ripple, then your chain stitches are likely too tight.

You will want to practice the chain stitch until you have an even stitches of the same size.

How to Crochet for Beginners Chain Stitch Right & Left Handed – Video & Tutorial

Learn How to Half Double Crochet Stitch – Crochet Stitch hdc (UK – half treble)

After you have the chain stitch mastered, you will want to learn the half double crochet stitch (hdc). In the UK, the same stitch is called half treble crochet.

For the half double crochet stitch (hdc), yarn over and insert your hook in the chain or stitch. Then, yarn over and pull up a stitch. Finally, yarn over and pull through all of the loops on the hook.

When you get to crochet pattern reading you will want to double check the terms and abbreviations used so there is no confusion.

Half Double Crochet Stitch Video Tutorials

You will want to count your stitches and make sure you are not adding or subtracting which is a common beginner problem.

Ready to try an easy hdc stitch crochet project? Try this easy striped baby blanket pattern. It uses just one stitch, the half double crochet stitch (hdc).

Free Easy Striped Half Double Crochet Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern – Crochet Stitch hdc

stripe baby boy crochet blanket pattern - -butta yarn - baby afghan - free printable crochet pattern #baby #crochet #crochetpattern #freecrochetpattern
crochet stitch hdc blanket pattern

Other Beginner Crochet Stitches to Try

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Free Beginner Crochet Patterns to Try

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Learn to half double crochet. This is an easy beginner stitch.